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Recent Presentations

December, 2023 | Atlanta, GA

Literacy Research Association Annual Meeting

Playing with positionality: Composing narratives across game and metagame discourses presentation by Alex Corbitt

December, 2023 | Atlanta, GA

Literacy Research Association Annual Meeting

Dracula gone viral: Criticality, intertextuality, and  affect on Tumblr around the digital serialization of Dracula roundtable by Alex Corbitt

November, 2023 | Columbus, OH

NCTE Annual Convention

Making games: Play-based strategies for middle grades classrooms roundtable by Alex Corbitt, S. Bonner, Karis Jones, Scott Storm

November, 2023 | Rochester, NY

New York State Reading Association Annual Conference

Coauthoring narratives with artificial intelligence: Midjourney’s imaginative opportunities and constraints roundtable by Alex Corbitt

April, 2023 | Chicago, IL

American Education Research Association Annual Meeting

Role-playing as critical revision: Remixing ideologies of race, gender, and  politics in Dungeons & Dragons presentation by Alex Corbitt

Webinars, Lectures and Workshops


Guest Lectures

  • Design, technology, and literacy learning at University of Pennsylvania - A. Corbitt

  • Roblox as community composition: Tracing literacies and digital play among Brazilian multilingual youth at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - A. Corbitt & M. Becker


  • Blending and breaking genre: Empowering alternatives to traditional reading and writing instruction with NCTE Continuing the Journey Institute - A. Corbitt

  • An introduction to standards-based grading with Drew University - A. Corbitt


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