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Refereed Journal Articles

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Corbitt, A. (2023). Speculative f(r)ictions: A youth restorying horror and monstrosity. Journal of Literacy Research, 55(4), 383-405.

Blake, A., Morales, M., Wargo, J., Corbitt, A., Madres, J. (2023). Playing toward multiplicity: Disorienting intra-actions with materials & learning in an escape room. Digital Culture & Education, 14(5), 169-190.

Jones, K., Storm, S., & Corbitt, A. (2023). Literary play gone viral: Delight, intertextuality, and challenges to normative interpretation through the digital serialization of Dracula. English Teaching: Practice & Critique, 22(2), 177-190.

Corbitt, A., Wargo, J., & O’Connor, C. (2022). Encountering unnatural E-literature: Tracing interpretation and relationality across multimodal response and digital annotation. English in Education, 56(2), 186-200.


Jones, K., Corbitt, A., & Storm, S. (2022). Humanizing horror: Re-reading monstrosity in popular literature. English Journal, 112(2), 85-92.


Wargo, J., Morales, M., Blake, A., Corbitt, A., & Madres, J. (2022). Sounding Escape: Examining the sonic contours of play and story in The Author’s Enigma. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 29(3), 269-287.


Wargo, J., Morales, M., & Corbitt, A. (2022). Fabricating response: Prospective elementary teachers remediating response to The Circuit through 3D printing and design. Curriculum Inquiry, 52(5), 5440570.


Corbitt, A. (2019). Revising Resistance: A Step Toward Student-Centered Activism. Voices from the Middle, 27(2), 28-31.

Book Chapters

Corbitt, A. (2022). Varian johnson. In S. Bickmore & S. Clark (Eds.), A period of growth in African American young adult literature: more mirrors, windows, and sliding doors (pp. 67-72). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Corbitt, A. (2020). Teen activists: designing curricula today, shaping the world tomorrow. In J. Ochoa, Reading and writing who they are: Students’ rights to read and write in the middle level classroom (pp.65-71). Urbana, Illinois: NCTE.

Thomas, P. & Corbitt, A. (2019). Moving beyond troll rhetoric and facilitating productive online discourse. In K. Turner (Ed.), The ethics of digital literacy: developing knowledge and skills across grade levels (pp. 81-87). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Homrich-Knieling, M. & Corbitt, A. (2019). Pedagogies of resistance: reflecting on the successes and challenges of humanizing classrooms in a time of standardization and accountability. In B. Charest & K. Sjostrom (Eds.), Unsettling education: searching for ethical footing in a time of reform (pp. 91-109). New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Invited Reviews & Book Contributions

Corbitt, A. In Hicks, T., & Runstrom, J. (2023). Literacies before technologies: Making digital tools matter for middle grades learners (pp. 138-140). Urbana, Illinois: NCTE.

Corbitt, A. In Kim, R. (2019). Elevating equity and justice: 10 U.S. supreme court cases every teacher should know (pp. 60, 122-123). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Corbitt, A. In Christenbury, L., & Lindblom, K. (2017). Continuing the journey: Becoming a better teacher of literature and informational texts (pp. 38-39). Urbana, Illinois: NCTE.

Corbitt, A. (2017). Review of Helping children succeed: What works and why by Paul Tough. English Journal, 106(5), 76-77.

Corbitt, A. (2016). In Turner, K.H., & Hicks, T., Argument in the real world: Teaching adolescents to read and write digital texts (pp. 33-37). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Corbitt, A. In Honigsfeld, A., & Dodge, J. (2016). Core instructional routines: Go-to structures for the 6-12 classroom (pp. 65, 139). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

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