LITCRAFT helps teachers:

  • Set long-term and short-term reading goals for students
  • Establish clear, exciting reading benchmarks
  • Track student progress
  • Foster a classroom culture that values reading and growth
  • Incorporate student-friendly videogame elements (gamification) into their teaching practice


How does it work?

LitCraft brings independent reading to life by incorporating student-friendly videogame design into your instruction. In videogames, children create characters and gain prestige/abilities throughout the course of the game. LitCraft taps into this framework and helps students develop stronger reading identities as they read more books and unlock new levels.


Using the customizable poster, teachers set an end-of-year reading goal (on Level 5) and establish clear checkpoints along the way (on Levels 1-4). Teachers decide which "abilities" (classroom privledges/perks) students unlock at each level. The more each student reads, the more (s)he "levels-up" and unlocks new abilities.


Using the leveled bookmarks, teachers make students' reading progress visible. Teachers award students with a new, customized bookmark as they advance to each LitCraft level. Students proudly sport their current LitCraft level (Reading Knight, Reading Master, etc.) with eye-catching bookmarks wedged in their independent reading books. Students and teachers can immediately see the progress each student makes throughout the year. The bookmarks foster excitement and hype around reading as students try to collect every level.

LITCRAFT: Class Bookmark Set (125ct)

$19.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
  • Class Bookmark Set Includes:

    • Apprentice Bookmarks (25)
    • Knight Bookmarks (25)
    • Ninja Bookmarks (25)
    • Master Bookmarks (25)
    • Titan Bookmarks (25)


    LitCraft's leveled bookmark system makes students' reading progress visible.

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